Circular technical textile
as a foundation

Cunrath refabrics. wants to make sustainability the essential foundation of every construction project in hospitality, care, work, and school. Making people healthier and happier in their living environment through circular solutions in technical textile, is our mission.

We do this by sharing our expertise with architects, construction companies and contracting parties.  We follow closely all developments and trends in the textile industry. In order to present our clients with innovative, tailor-made solutions for their projects. We do this in a very personal way, with transparency, comprehension, and willingness to listen. Together with you we think for tailor-made solutions. In doing this we can co-create custom-made solutions with the focus on sustainability, recycling and innovation.

Cunrath refabrics. thus adopts a unique, brand-independent position. As an expert we bring together textile enterprises with the players from the construction world. So that technical, recycled textile becomes the obvious choice for all stakeholders.

re-Think, re-Make,
re-Use, re-Cycle.

re-Think, re-Make,
re-Use, re-Cycle.

In everything we do, people’s well being and the environment are our priority.  Cunrath refabrics. has taken on the leading role as a neutral, brand-independent and future-proof consulting firm.  In this regard, ownership and value creation for the different stakeholders is a strong principle.

The project market is becoming ever more circular. Recycling, zero waste and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. In this story of the future, Cunrath refabrics. wants to be a knowledge base and a think tank.

We can only achieve this by constantly challenging ourselves and continually reframing the use of technical textiles.  We do this through the four perspectives:  re-Think, re-Make, re-Use and re-Cycle.


Cunrath re-Thinks.  We explore the future of textiles in the interior. We think more and more about the spaces in which we live and work. Well-being, nature, and society are increasingly important.  We re-Think the interior world of tomorrow. We engage with the designers, the researchers, the enterprises, and the progressive players who are leading the change in this field.



Cunrath re-Uses. We choose to reuse textiles from renovations to reduce the waste stream.  We build up sustainable relationships with (local) ateliers who transform used curtains or sample fabrics into useable objects for the interior. We collaborate with them to realise affordable, logistical solutions.



Cunrath re-Cycles. Out of respect for our planet, we facilitate the recycling of furniture, wall cladding and curtains. Reusing up to 95% of textiles as raw materials for new products such as yarns for new fabrics, floor coverings, blankets, felt for sound systems and filling materials for, for example, dashboards and car seats…is our goal. And we are striving to ensure that these recycled materials are, in turn, recycled. This is how we fight the battle with the linear economy.


Cunrath re-Makes. We follow the textile industry closely. In doing so, we keep track of powerful innovations and new technologies. From the production of materials and the composition of fabrics to the renewal of business models and new forms of production.


Goals with impact

Having a positive impact on the planet with future-proof solutions in technical textiles is an ambition which we want to make a reality with the help of clear goals.

Cunrath refabrics. therefore signs up for concrete commitments:


Interested in working together?

 Cunrath refabrics.’s expertise is the result of years of experience in the world of textiles and sales. Expertise which means we can offer every one of our customers appropriate advices. Do you want to get in touch? Call or mail us. We look forward to meeting you!


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